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Dalmation Puppies

Purebred Dalmations are medium to large sized dogs that have very short fur, floppy ears, and a long thin tail. Typical purebred Dalmation puppies are born all white and do not receive their famous spots until a couple of days or weeks later. According to the Canadian Kennel Association, Dalmations may have black spots or brown spots and the nose should be of the corresponding colour. Some purebred Dalmations may have clusters of colourings that are visible from birth but it is not a desirable trait and therefore not recognized by the AKC or CKC. Purebred Dalmations are strong, energetic and fairly intelligent.


More ABOUT THE Dalmation

Most people associate Dalmations with firefighting and this is because they have been used as a mascot for years. Originally they were used by firefighters to protect the firehall during sleeping hours. Since Dalmations get along very well with other pets, especially with horses, they were also used in fire halls to help clear the road for the horse drawn fire trucks. Many Canadian families adopt Dalmations nowadays as their housepet and a companion for their children. As with any breed, it is best to socialize and train purebred Dalmation puppies from a young age. Purebred Dalmation breeders are located throughout Canada.

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