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Yorkie Poo Puppies

A Yorkie-Poo is a mix breed dog with parents being both Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle, usually a miniature or toy poodle. Although this is not a breed of dog that is recognized by the CKC, it is popular and commonly bred together. Sometimes called, “Yoyo-Poos” or “Yorkie- Doodles”, the Yorkipoo is well liked for its intelligence, good nature, sense of humour and non-shedding qualities.

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Allergy and asthma sufferers can relax and enjoy the company of their Yorkie-poo. Typical Yorkie-poos are small sized dogs, weighing roughly four to eight pounds when full grown and coloured similar to their parents, either white, silver, brown or black. Yorki-poos make great pets and are good with both children and other animals.

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