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West Highland White Terriers Puppies

The West Highland White Terrier is a purebred developed to be distinctive in colour from other animals while hunting. Westies originate from Scotland and were once called Roseneath Terriers. These purebred pups are excellent hunters of badgers and foxes and were developed after an incident with a Colonel’s dog being confused with a fox and shot.

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More ABOUT THE West Highland White Terriers

Purebred Westies are small, weighing between thirteen and twenty pounds, have soft and silky hair that is white and does not shed very often, and large, dark eyes. They are often depicted as mascots in Canadian supermarkets and the like, some of the more well known being for a brand of Scotch Whiskey and another for pet food. Although they need regular exercise like most other breeds of dogs, Westies are known for their enjoyment of naps throughout the day and will generally follow the patterns of sleep of their owner.

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