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Vizsla Puppies

Purebred Vizslas are prized companions and fine sporting dogs, often top achievers at sporting competitions. Purebred Vizslas are good all-round dogs, known for their loyal companionship, incredible sense of smell and for being one of the easiest dogs to train. They originate from Hungary and have been used for hunting fowl and other game for centuries. Purebred Vizsla puppies develop into good natured, active, caring, members of the family who have a good sense of when to be protective.

Purebred Vizslas are mid-sized dogs with a light frame but a strong and lean appearance. They display a short, shiny coat that is a solid, golden colour tone and very easy to keep groomed. A notable positive characteristic of Vizslas is that they don’t carry an odour typical of dogs. Since Vizslas only have the one coat of fur they should not be left outside in the cold for long periods. Vizslas have floppy ears and long tails and their nose and eyes both seem camouflaged with their fur. Sometimes purebred Vizslas are confused with Rhodesian Ridgebacks or Redbone Coonhounds although those breeds are both larger.

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Purebred Vizsla pups share an extraordinary temperament. Not only are they gentle and affectionate but they are confident and protective as well. They are lovingly called “Velcro” dogs among owners at time since they love to be around their owners and are very loving. An attractive feature of purebred Vizslas is that they are not loud dogs, and only really become vocal when prompted or acting in a protective manner. They are great retrievers, pointers and are highly trainable. They do not require hard punishments and may even cry if they feel neglected. Daily exercise is best to maintain their health and overall happiness. Purebred Vizslas are a hard breed to pass over when looking for that perfect dog to adopt, and they are members of happy families throughout Canada.

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