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Wheaten Terrier Puppies "Wheaties"

These friendly pups originate from Ireland and are known for their hypoallergenic attributes. Since they only have a single coat of hair and they do not moult very much, they are often easy to be around for people with dog allergies. Since a purebred Wheatie has hair that is more similar to human hair than dog fur, it will continue to grow and will require semi-frequent cuts. Interestingly, purebred Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier puppies are born with extremely dark fur and as they grow it becomes lighter and lighter, often turning near white. The typical colour of a Wheaten puppy is wheat or off white and pure white terriers are not usually desired by the kennel clubs.

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More ABOUT THE Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Purebred Softcoated Wheaten Terriers are fun-loving dogs that are full of energy and enjoy a good play session. They can be very affectionate toward friends and family and they are both intelligent and obedient. It is more effective if purebred Wheaten puppies are trained and socialized with other animals from an early age. They are eager to please their owner and many have done well in dog sporting events for obedience and agility. Since they were originally bread for a number of duties around the house, namely as protector for the home and lifestock, hunter of mice, rats and squirrels around the property, Wheatie pups enjoy having a job to do and regular exercise is best to keep this dog happy. Purebred Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier breeders can be found throughout Canada.

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