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Scottish Terriers Puppies

Scottish Terriers, or “Scotties” are purebred terriers originating from Scotland. Scottish Terriers are one of the five terrier types that come from Scotland, others include the Cairn Terrier, Skye Terrier, Dandie Dinmont and the West Highland White Terrier.

Purebred Scottish Terriers, otherwise known as ‘Aberdeen Terriers’, are small dogs, weighing between eighteen and twenty two pounds. They can be many different colours although often seen as black or brindle. Their disposition is described as that of a brave and spirited dog with an inclination to protect its family and property. Often a purebred Scottish Terrier puppy will become close with just one or two people and may become aloof with others, especially strangers. These purebred puppies make good guard dogs since they are quite alert of their surroundings and become vocal only when they deem necessary.

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More ABOUT THE Scottish Terriers

Scottish Terriers are famously depicted in the game of Monopoly as one of the game pieces. Scottish Terrier breeders are numerous throughout the world and Scottie purebreds are available in most provinces throughout Canada.

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