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Schnoodle Puppies

Like the name suggests, the Schnoodle is a cross between a Poodle and a Scnhauzer. The typical size of a Schnoodle varies depending on the size of Poodle used. You can have a toy sized Schnoodles, miniature, standard and giant and on average full grown Schnoodles will weigh between seven and sixteen pounds. The colours of Schnoodles will also vary depending on the parents. Solid colours of black, white, grey, and white are typical in Schnoodles as well as combinations or sable colouring.

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More ABOUT THE Schnoodle

Since the Poodle is known for having a hypoallergenic coat and so is the Schnauzer, many families are adopting the Schnoodle for its non shedding/hypoallergenic qualities. These Schnoodle pups are great pets and are easily trained. High intelligence, good nature and playfulness make this dog a welcome addition to any Canadian family!

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