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Purebred Rhodesian Ridgebacks are a breed of dog, similar to Dalmations and a few other dog types but with something unique – a mutated gene that develops into a ridge of fur along the spine. There are three whorls of fur that give the appearance of a ‘ridge’ and all pure bred Rhodesian Ridgeback’ pups would exhibit this characteristic. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are native to an area in South Africa in what used to be known as Rhodesia, now called Zimbabwe. Francis R. Barnes is commended with development of the breed in the mid 1920s.

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Earlier names for the Rhodesian Ridgeback are ‘African Lion Hound’ and ‘African Lion Dog’, both derived from their active duties as lion hunters. Other than lions, purebred Rhodesian Ridgebacks were used to hunt upland games and possessed a knack at distracting animals long enough for their owners to go in for the kill. Today, since there are no lions in Canada, purebred Rhodesian Ridgeback pups are used to help athletes in their training and as loyal family dogs. Owning a purebred Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy can be very rewarding. This breed is intelligent and they don’t pay much attention to strangers. Training and socialization with other animals from an early age and continuously throughout adulthood is a best to keep this dog obedient. They are not used to heavy handed punishment and, being a sensitive breed, it is not required in order to make positive changes. Look for local Canadian breeders to find your own purebred Rhodesian Ridgeback.


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