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Pekingese Puppies

Pekingese is one of the oldest breeds of dogs, going back at least two thousand years. China is where this breed is thought to have originated and early purebred Pekingese, or Pekinese, are said to have been much the same as the modern day Pekingese. A purebred Pekingese, also called, ‘Peke’, ‘Chinese Spaniel’, ‘Lion dog’, and ‘Pelchie Dog’, is a small dog with long, wispy hair around the face and neck. The long hair gives the impression of mane, much like that of a lion. Peke purebred pups were originally the dog breed of choice for Chinese Imperial Court in Beijing long ago. Their short stature and bow legs are theorized to have been developed to help prevent Pekingese puppies from walking off from the court. A typical purebred Pekingese is short, sturdy with a dense frame and flat face. Their eyes and creases in their face are prone to infection and must be cleaned regularly. Brushing the double coat of fur is necessary to ensure that dirt and other filth does not become permanent.

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More ABOUT THE Pekingese

Purebred Pekingese are great pets for indoors. They don’t require great deals of exercise and are best kept inside as they can overheat easily if left out in the hot sun. Pekingese are often bred with other toy breeds and the Pekatease is a popular one, bred with a Maltese to create this adorable creature.

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