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Papillons Puppies

Purebred Papillons are very interesting and beautiful dogs. Their faces are symmetrical and often resemble a butterfly, their namesake, by the way the ears sit and the tufts of fur wisp out from the face. Papillon puppies are very delicate looking and have soft, wispy fur. Their ears are quite large and stand straight up. Those of the breed whose ears lay flat are actually called “Phalene”, although they are the same breed. Another name for pure bred Papillons is “Continental Toy Spaniel” since they belong to the family of Spaniels and are one of the original Toy breeds.

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More ABOUT THE Papillons

Purebred Papillon puppies are known among their owners for their “big” personalities despite their small size. They are confident and bold and extremely athletic and intelligent. This is a breed that you often see in the top ten of most intelligent dog breeds. Their athletic nature can be seen in any dog sporting competition where purebred Papillons lead the way in dog agility and racing, even surpassing Border Collies for speed in some events.

Many Canadians enjoy purebred Papillons as pets and have described them as loyal and loving mates. Papillons do best in environments that stimulate their capable minds and where they are given daily exercise. They are interesting dogs and adorable pets. Purebred Papillon breeders can be located all throughout Canada and the United States.

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