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Newfoundlander Puppies

Purebred Newfoundlands are very large, fluffy dogs native to the province of Newfoundland in Canada. They are commonly known as ‘the Gentle Giant’ because of the enormous size and agreeable temperament. A typical Newfie male may weigh between one hundred and thirty and one hundred and fifty pounds, while a female will usually weight between one hundred pounds and one hundred and twenty pounds. It has been recorded that there are Newfs out there weighing close to two hundred pounds and are considered to be the strongest of all known dog breeds. Their weight is due to their dense and large bone structure combined with an impressive muscle mass, giving them the strength and endurance to work alongside fishermen and rescue teams. Because their feet are webbed and their fur is heavy and water resistant, purebred Newfoundlanders can endure great distances of swimming in cold ocean waters. They are excellent and powerful swimmers and have been used for years on rescue missions.

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More ABOUT THE Newfoundlander

Newfies need a fair bit of space and require daily grooming to brush out their undercoat. They are similar in build to that of other Mastiff or Molossor descendents such as the St. Bernard and English Mastiff. Native to Newfoundland, they developed alongside the St. Johns dog, a smaller, shorter haired version of themselves and the ancestor to current day’s Labrador Retreiver. Purebred Newfoundland pups are very easy to house break and they develop into very kind, easygoing dogs with a playful and happy disposition. They are useful as protectors of the home as well and gentle playmates with young children. Many Canadian families own purebred Newfoundlands as their family dog and most will agree that they are caring and loyal.

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