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King Shepherd Puppies

A purebred King Shepherd dog is an impressive and attractive looking dog that can weigh up to 140pounds for males, and 120pounds for females. As the name suggests, these dogs are a large version of German Shepherds, exhibiting the appearance of a German Shepherd in colour, fur, ears, tail, slinky walk and overall look. A King Shepherd is a very recent breed (1990s), originating from German Shepherds, Alaskan Malamutes and Great Pyreneese.

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More ABOUT THE King Shepherd

Purebred King Shepherd puppies have a wonderful temperament. They are strong, powerful dogs and not usually nervous or meek, but also eager to please their owner. King Shepherds are very trainable, obedient, incredibly intelligent, playful, caring and protective. They have no problems playing with young kids or other animals and make an ideal family pet overall. King Shepherds enjoy a great deal of exercise but aren’t usually destructive or high strung if they don’t get enough. Many Canadians would love the company of purebred King Shepherd puppy since they offer a very rewarding relationship. Since the breed is relatively new there are not many breeders in Canada but there are some.

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