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Jack Russell Terrier Puppies

Jack Russell Terriers are famous in the television industry. Some notable, famous Jack Russel Terriers are “Eddie” on the hit sitcom, “Fraser”, “Wishbone” and also “Max” in the Jim Carey movie, “The Mask”. Purebred Jack Russell Terriers are great pets for families. They are very active and playful and do well with children. It is best to give your Jack Russell Terrier a great deal of exercise and training from an early age to ensure obedience later on.

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Purebred Jack Russel Terriers are small, solid dogs weighing only fourteen to eighteen pounds. This breed has managed to stay very much the same as the original about two hundred years ago. They are usually white with brown patches (often around one of the eyes among other places), and come in a variety of fur lengths. They are strong dogs and were once bred to chase fox and other small animals during hunting. Reverend John (Jack) Russell is responsible for the breed and was very proud of his line of terriers that would hunt and chase fox without ever biting them. From the English White Terrier descended the Jack Russell Terrier as well as the Parson Russell Terrier, similar but different breeds named for Reverand John Russell. Purebred Jack Russell Terriers were further bred with Chihuahuas and Welsh Corgis to produce a smaller version of this well known terrier, simply called the “Russell Terrier”.

Today, many Canadian families enjoy the company of their beloved and active Jack Russell Terrier puppy. There are a number of qualified breeders in most provinces of Canada and the availability of this purebred is high.

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