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Italian Greyhound Puppies

Purebred Italian Greyhounds are small dogs, often thought of as miniature, or toy greyhounds even though they are not officially called this. Being the smallest of all dogs in the family of sighthounds, the Italian Greyhound weighs only about eight to eighteen pounds. They have a very short coat of fur so their tiny size is very noticeable. They shed their fur like most other breeds of dogs but since their fur is so short it is not noticeable around the house and is easily cleaned up. Their frames are quite small and narrow, they have long legs and a heavy chest. Colours of purebred Italian Greyhounds, or ‘Iggys” may vary but most are kennel clubs prefer dogs with white colourings on just the feet and chest.

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More ABOUT THE Italian Greyhound

Purebred Italian Greyhound puppies are very loving and grow to be affectionate companions. They enjoy being close to their owners and even sitting with them or curling up near them on or under a blanket. They can be trained with relative ease however they are not meant for off-leash walking. While outdoors it is best to keep your Italian Greyhound leashed up the entire time to ensure that they do not run off into the road. Greyhounds are associated with racetracks and this is fitting for this breed since Italian Greyhounds love to run. Italian Greyhound purebreds are wonderful with young kids but since they are easily injured children should learn not to play rough with them. Overall, Italian Greyhounds are great household pets and can be found at breeders across Canada.

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