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Finding the RIGHT Breeder in Canada

Welcome to Part 2 of our series: Getting a Dog

Once you have decided which type of purebred, or hybrid/crossbreed/mutt puppy you wish to adopt then you have to figure out where to find it.  If you are looking for purebreds then breeders can be located in almost every province throughout Canada.  Online resources such as Canadapuppies.ca are a good place to start because you can view lists of breeders in your province.  It is best to do some research on the breeder you wish to contact and find out what you should expect before you adopt. You will want to choose a reputable breeder for many reasons. 

Always pay a visit to the breeder and kennel where the dogs are being cared for as there is a lot that can be learned from this visit. 

Prepare some questions you wish to ask beforehand. 

Topics about the health of your puppy as well as both the parents are important.  Behavioral history, veterinarian visits (both parents and puppies), past litters, and any difficulties during delivery help you put together a sound picture of the health of your puppy. Purebred puppies should come with papers that declare them (as well as his or her parents) as purebreds from the Canadian Kennel Club and should also be given a guarantee from the breeder.  Be sure to request a visit with the parents of your puppy, or at least the mother, so that you can see what you should expect from your own puppy.

If you are not set on one specific breed then perhaps you could take a look at the local animal shelters or animal rescue centers in your province.  Many purebred and crossbreed pups end up at the shelter and are just as good natured and friendly as the puppies you will find from breeders.




Getting a Dog