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English Springer Spaniel Puppies

The English Springer Spaniel is a medium sized dog with longish hair and floppy ears.  Originating in England, the English Springer Spaniel is closely related to the English Cocker Spaniel as well as the Welsh Springer Spaniel.  This breed of dog was developed for use as a hunting dog.  His duties would include sniffing out game birds and sending them “springing” into the air for hunters to shoot.  Pure bred English Springer Spaniels are quite smart and can understand commands quickly, even when only motioned silently.  Due to their intelligence, attention to detail, strong sense of smell and over all willingness to please their owners, English Springer Spaniels have been used in other capacities such as police dogs.  Many Springer Spaniels have been used to locate explosives, illegal mobile phones in prisons, drugs and even blood. English Springer Spaniels are sincerely valued world wide.

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Other than being excellent work dogs, English Springer Spaniels are treasured members of many families around Canada. Pure bred English Springer Spaniel puppies are very friendly and they play well with both children and pets, except birds of course. These pups are active and require a little bit of exercise each day and they thoroughly enjoy the water.

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