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English Mastiff Puppies

Throughout the world the English Mastiff is the type of dog that comes to mind when hearing “Mastiff”. The English Mastiff is a distinctive looking dog with a very large head and overall heavy frame. Purebred Mastiffs have short, smooth fur and short muzzles, large and floppy ears and long tails. An average purebred Mastiff can weigh anywhere between 120 lbs and 250lbs, with the heaviest dog ever to be recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records being an English Mastiff. English Mastiffs are thought to have descended from the Alaunt breed in the Roman Province of Britannia and are ancestors to a number of modern dog breeds today. Some colours that are common to purebred Mastiff puppies are fawn, fawn and apricot, fawn and dark brindle and lastly, fawn with grey.


Further reading

Although purebred Mastiffs are supremely large, they are quite gentle, loving and calm dogs. Mastiffs are great indoors and playful with children and small dogs but should be given time to burn energy outside as well. Although this breed is very good-natured they are competent guard dogs that feel very loyal to their owners. In the event of a threat a Mastiff will instinctually position himself between his family and the danger and may become defensive if the threat is deemed to be serious. Purebred Mastiff puppies grow quickly and their diet should be monitored. Overall, purebred English Mastiffs are very loyal, loving companions that fit well with any Canadian family.

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