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Dogue de Bordeaux Puppies

Purebred Dogue de Bordeaux, otherwise known as Bordeaux Bulldogs or French Bulldogs, are a very old breed of bulldog originating from areas of France. These dogs functioned in a variety of roles around the French Royal Courtyards including security roles, and as work dogs pulling heavy carts. Although purebred French Bulldogs are not very large dogs they are, in fact, heavy, often weighing well over one hundred pounds. They display a solid build with a heavy bone structure and a very large skull. This build is similar to other breeds that originate from the Molosser type of dogs. They appear to be low to ground because of their long bodies and short legs. Dogue de Bordeaux fur is short and smooth and does not require much by way of maintenance.

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Purebred French Bulldog puppies should be socialized early on in order to taper their dominance over other pets. They are quite smart and enjoy training although they can sometime display stubbornness. French Bulldog purebreds are natural guardians over their loved ones and usually attach themselves quite strongly to their owners, and although they are not known for aggression they can be quite intimidating. French Bulldog breeders are located throughout Canada and especially in southwestern Ontario.

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