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Collie or “Rough Collie” Puppies

This dog breed has been depicted in the film “Lassie”. Pure bred Collie puppies are a very popular choice because of their very gentle and loving nature. These dogs are eager to please their owners which make them easily trainable. Rough Collies are intelligent, obedient and loyal dogs who would make an excellent pet for a family with children. Although shy, Collies are alert and not easily frightened in the face of danger so they will run to protect their family. Collies are also very easy going with other dogs and do not exhibit aggressive behavior.


Pictures of Collie or “Rough Collie”


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The short haired version of the Rough Collie is called the Smooth Collie. It is also a medium to large sized dog and can weigh up to 75 pounds. Pure bred Rough Collies or pure bred Smooth Collies are ideal pets for any family to enjoy!

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