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Chinese Crested Puppies

Purebred Chinese Crested dogs are an unusual style of dog, popular among those Canadians who are looking for something unique. In the Chinese Crested breed there are two types of dogs, one hairless and the other powder puff. The hairless variety is created by the expression of a dominant gene for hairlessness and the extent to which it is hairless varies. Some Chinese Crested purebred have almost no hair whatsoever while others may have almost a full coat. The typical appearance is to have fur on all four feet, long fur on the tail (plume) and then fur on the head, called a crest. The difference between a highly hairy hairless Crested and a powder puff Crested is that the hairless version only has one coat while a Powder Puff has a double coat.

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More ABOUT THE Chinese Crested

Hairless Chinese Crested puppies must be protected from the sun and weather just like a human would. Powder Puff Chinese Crested purebred puppies look quite a bit different even though they may have come from the very same litter. Typically their fur is long and wispy and covers their face, much like a terrier. Often owners will shave the fur from their powder puff’s face to give a look more similar to a poodle.

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