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Cairn Terrier Puppies

Purebred Cairn Terriers are among the oldest Terriers of the western region of Scotland. These terriers closely resemble that of the Skye Terriers and were actually once called ‘short haired Skye Terriers’ until the Kennel Club decided that this was not appropriate. Cairn Terriers get their name from the fact that they were bred to work as hunting dogs, searching for small animals within Cairns in the United Kingdom. Their past as a working dog explains why many purebred Cairn Terriers are naturally search out vermin within the home and ‘earn their keep’.

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More ABOUT THE Cairn Terriers

Purebred Cairn puppies develop into small, solid framed dogs with medium length, wavy fur. The outer coat is shaggy while the inner coat is soft and silky. Cairn Terrier dogs come in almost any combination of colour, however, all white Cairn Terriers are actually required to register in dog shows as West Highland White Terriers. Purebred Cairn Terrier pups should be well trained from an early age in an attempt to minimize their stubborn tendency. Once trained, Cairn Terriers are wonderful household pets. They are full of spirit and energy and are quite smart. Purebred Cairn Terriers enjoy digging and are loyal to their owners. A notable Cairn Terrier purebred is dog, ‘Toto’ in the 1939 movie, “The Wizard of Oz”.

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