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Australian Shepherd Puppies

Australian Shepherds are energetic and hard working herding dogs that benefit from having a ‘job’ to do. Playing Frisbee, fetch or chase games often fulfills this need to feel active and included. Pure bred Australian Shepherds are known for their intelligence, obedience, trainability and eagerness to please and be loved by their owners. Australian Shepherd dogs come in a variety of colour patterns including black, red, red merle, black merle or tri-colour. Often you will see a pure bred “Aussie” with a docked or bobbed tail, thick coats and eyes that different colours.

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Strangely, the Australian Shepherd originates from the American West, not Australia. Interest in pure bred Australian Shepherd pups began to climb in the years following WWII when these dogs were often used in horse shows and rodeos. Australian Shepherd dogs are loving companions to families throughout Canada. Pure bred Aussie puppies are very rewarding pets and service dogs.

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