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Bullmastiff Puppies

A purebred Bullmastiff is a large and strong dog that has proven to be very loyal and good natured. Purebred Bullmastiffs are usually between 100 lbs and 130lbs in weight, have floppy ears, flattened faces and a very large and heavy head and body. Their fur is short and smooth and it is red, fawn or brindle in colour. Although purebred Bullmastiffs are protective dogs, they do not bark much except to alert their owner of a threat. Bullmastiffs are great friends with young kids when socialized early in their life and they play well with other dogs, although two males should be watched carefully.



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The Bullmastiff is part Old English Bulldog and part English Mastiff, largely giving it it’s great size and strength. Since the Bullmastiff was not ever bred to be a hunting dog it does not tend to show aggression. Purebred Bullmastiff puppies are easily trainable and when they grow they will often watch their owner for signs of guidance or an “OK” to act on an instinct. Bullmastiffs are great household pets and many Canadians enjoy their devotion and sweet temperament.

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