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Bull Terrier Puppies

The Bull Terrier, or English Bull Terrier is a large sized terrier originating from England. They are often referred to as ‘Gladiator’, likely due to their fierce reputation, however the breed norm of today is much, much gentler. Bull Terriers are thought of as fearless and brave, yet happy and enjoy a good time. Famous Bull Terriers are the mascot for many Budweiser commercials from the 1980s as well as Don Cherry’s pal, Blue, on Hockey Night in Canada.Purebred Bull Terriers are a decent size, weighing between forty four pounds and eighty five pounds. They have a distinctively shaped head, much like that of an egg and small, triangular looking eyes that are set into the head. Often Bull Terriers will be mostly white with a small amount of black on the face or paws. The fur is short and smooth and their frame is very sturdy.

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More ABOUT THE Bull Terrier

Purebred Bull Terriers should be given consistent training from an early age. Bull Terrier puppies have a happy and clown-like disposition but may become quite protective of their owners. They require a lot of exercise to expend some of their energy and to provide bonding time and displayed leadership over them. Bull Terriers should not be allowed to play a dominant role over their human and unsure owners may experience a dog that is overly protective over them or jealous of other animals. It is best to allow for a great deal of socialization with other animals and to provide supervision when playing with other dogs, especially that of the same sex. Once trained and socialized Bull Terriers can be great friends with other dogs but it is still not a good idea to leave them alone with cats or smaller animals. Breeders in Canada are throughout the country but mainly in Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia.

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