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Brittany Puppies

As their name suggests, Brittanys originate from the Province of Brittany in France. They were thought to have been developed there as early as the turn of the19th century and are a considered to be a type of Spaniel. Purebred adult Brittany dogs are usually thirty five to fifty five pounds in weight, have floppy ears, long (and sometimes docked) or naturally short tails, and have medium length fur of a variety and combinations of colours.

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Over the years the Brittanys being bred in North America (American Brittanys) have begun to take on slightly different characteristics than their French relatives. Originally these dogs were bred for hunting birds and are officially considered to be included in the class of gun dogs. Modern breeds are still quite adept as working dogs but are also well suited for family life. Purebred Brittany puppies are quite trainable and sensitive to behavioral lessons. A typical Brittany puppy is very good natured, possibly shy, and very active, requiring daily walks and play time with its owners.


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