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Bloodhound Puppies

Bloodhounds are large dog breeds, weighing between sixty and one hundred and ten pound and heavy in the bones. Some purebred Bloodhounds have weighed up to one hundred and sixty pounds, although this is not the norm. Canadians across the country recognize this dog breed and associate them with both their ability to track scents as well as their deep howl typical to many hounds. This does not mean that they are noisy dogs; usually purebred Bloodhounds hunt by themselves and keep silent. Bloodhounds have an impeccable sense of smell and are used heavily in the police field to track down missing people, animals or escaped prisoners. They are able to follow scents that are several days old, an ability that is superior to all other breeds of dogs.

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More ABOUT THE Bloodhound

Purebred Bloodhounds have quite a history. They likely originate from France, although the story goes that they were bred by monks from the Saint Hubert Monastery in one thousand A.D. in Belgium. This breed has always been developed for their ability to track scents, and they were first used for hunting animals such as deer and boar. They were once called ‘Chien de Saint Hubert’, or ‘Saint Hubert Hound’ and there are stories that William Wallace and Robert the Bruce were tracked in the early 1300s by ‘Sleuth Hounds’, another name for Bloodhounds.

Purebred Bloodhound puppies are a wonderful addition to any family in Canada. Not only are they sweet and gentle dogs, they exhibit a reliable temperament. It is best to train your Bloodhound puppy from an early age in order to have an obedient adult. There are many notable Bloodhounds in movie history, such as Pluto from ‘Mickey Mouse’, Ladybird in ‘King of the Hill’, ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’, Trusty in ‘Lady and the Tramp’, Copper in “The Fox and the Hound”, Duke in ‘Beverly Hillbillies’, Napoleon from ‘The Aristocats’, Old Towser in ‘101 Dalmations’, the laughing dog in ‘Duck Hunt’, among many others. Bloodhounds are a prized breed for their useful abilities as well as their good nature and easy transition into family life. As a popular dog, purebred Bloodhound breeders can be located throughout Canada, with many in Ontario and British Columbia.

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