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Bernese Mountain Dogs Puppies

As the name suggests, this breed of dog originates from the mountainous regions of Berne, Switzerland. Purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs, or “Berners” are large-framed dogs with long, silky fur and a distinctive tri-colour (black, white and brown) coat. In the Swiss German canton of Berne, this breed was used for pulling carts and assisting farmers. Because of their easy-going temperament and bred-in history of pulling things, the Bernese Mountain Dog often find pleasure in pulling a cart full of kids or can be trained to walk in parades.


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Purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs are trainable and require their owners to be gentle and patient in their administration of lessons. This breed is very eager to please, loving, playful, calm and interact very well with kids as well as many kinds of animals. These dogs love their owners and generally stay nearby even when out walking or biking. A purebred Berner puppy would be a joy to raise for anyone in Canada willing to accept their devotion.

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