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Australian Cattledog Puppies

Purebred Australian Cattledogs are medium sized dogs that typically weigh between forty five and sixty pounds. They have short hair that is extremely easy to groom. Usual colours are either black or brown over a coat of white that gives the impression of a bluish hue or reddish hue. They can have a number of combinations of these colours however most puppies are not born with this exact coloring, but rather grow into it. As their name indicates, purebred

Pictures of an Australian Cattledog

More ABOUT THE Australian Cattledog

Australian Cattledogs come from all over Australia and were developed to help farmers herd cattle and other livestock. They excelled at this job because they are intelligent, trained easily and courageous. By nipping at the heels of cattle they can manipulate their course with ease. Some Australian Cattle dogs have been known to nip at the feet of people in an attempt to herd them as well. A purebred Australian Cattledog standard breed is not to be aggressive but since they consider themselves guardians of their property, including people, they may take a protective stance toward strangers or other perceived dangers. Training from an early age is key when raising a purebred Australian Cattledog puppy. They require socialization with other animals and firm command when being trained. Once trained, Australian Cattledogs, also known as ‘Red Heeler’ or ‘Blue Heeler’, are wonderful and friendly pets. Purebred Australian Cattledog puppies can be found at breeders throughout Canada.


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