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American Akita Puppies

American Akita’s are very large dogs with heavy bones and thick, double coats. They have a fluffy tail that curls up and lays against their back. American Akitas originate from high mountainous areas in Japan. These dogs are closely related to the Akita Inu (Japanese Akitas) and are even considered the same breed in some countries. Pure bred American Akitas are very loyal and affectionate toward their owners and are courageous and alert dogs overall.


Further reading

American Akita puppies require firm training and early socialization with other dogs. There are many dog training schools in Canada that can offer assistance when teaching your Akita good behaviour, both on leash and off. An interesting and positive characteristic about Pure bred American Akitas is their cleanliness. Much like cats, these dogs often clean their faces and paws after a meal and sometimes preen each other.


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