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Airedale Terrier Puppies

Pure bred Airedale Terriers are have a typical terrier coloration – the main body colour and the face and limb colour. Their fur is short and wiry and they have long faces. Airedale Terrier puppies sometimes have a docked tail. Airedale Terriers are energetic and playful pets who benefit from lots of activity. These dogs are intelligent and have a high propensity for obedience if properly trained.


Further reading

Airedale Terriers were once the largest of all terriers and were often referred to as the “King of Terriers” until a larger breed of terriers, the Black Russian Terrier, arose. Another name the Airedale Terrier was associated with was “Waterside Terrier” because they were used for the purpose of hunting otters. This dog breed originates from an area in Yorkshire, England, called Airedale, and were often used by the British Police.


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